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Russians continue to win in women’s deaf curling tournament


Today, April’01 is the fourth day of Deaflympic curling tournament that takes place in the Ice Palace of Khanty-Mansiysk. Russian team was playing against the favorites of the tournament – team of Hungary.

The game between main medal contenders – Russia and Hungary – was the most tough and exciting game of the 5th round. Hungary took the lead in the beginning of the game and then Russia managed to shorten the gap. Thescorewas 4:4 beforethefinalend. However, the tactics of Russian team was stronger in the final end and the game was finished with the score 5:4 for Russia. Thus women’s team of host country became the leader of curling tournament together with teams of China and Canada.

«In the last end the only chance for us to win was to “steal” their stones. We did everything we could – we were putting stones in the house and then put a guard. Hungarians did not succeed in their plans, we were more lucky», – said the skip of Russian team Svetlana Tsedik. She also noted that Russia, Canada and China are the leaders of women’s deaf curling. That’s why the victory against Hungary is especially pleasant for them.

In other game of the round Canada defeated Croatia with the score 11:0. South Korea beat Slovakia 9:8, China won Ukraine 8:4.

«Our plans for the Deaflympics are very ambitious – we want to win the tournament at all costs. We are sure we are able to do this. Our main rivals are team of Canada, but we hope to defeat them too», – said a curling player from China Lingyan Zhao. She also added that curling is very popular in her country. «We have a lot of teams and the games are played on arenas full of spectators», – said Chinese athlete.

Today in the 6th round of the tournament Russia will play with South Korea, China will have a game against Croatia and Canada will try to beat the team of Ukraine.

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