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Salt for ski trails or how to make a good slope


The alpine skiing complex “Khvoyny Urman” has a big experience of hosting mass-scale sport events. We have asked the head of the sport venues management of “UgraMegaSport” Nikolay Vtorushin to tell us about the process of getting the slopes ready for the Deaflympics.

Since the moment of its opening the alpine skiing complex “Khvoyny Urman” has already hosted such sport events like the National Snowboarding Championships, the National Cup Final (FIS) in snowboarding, the regional championships in snowboarding and alpine skiing.  The scale of the Deaflympics required some additional works – in a few months the new trails for slopestyle, boarder-cross and halfpipe were built.

– Nikolay, how much time it took you to build the trail for snowboarders?

– Specialists started making snow in December 2014. More that 180 000 cubic meters were prepared: 100 000 cubic meters were used for slopestyle and boardercross and around 75 000 cubic meters – for halfpipe. Both trails were finished in time.

Tell us, where did you find so much snow?

– The snow was made by special snow machines using water of water supple system of Khanty-Mansiysk. We used 90 tons of water. The quality is snow was very high and it is clear. The performance of athletes depends on the quality of snow. Many of them said that it is very good in “Khvoyny Urman”. Competitions in boardercross were very exciting. The jumps of athletes are high.

What salt are you using for snow?

– In order to prevent snow from melting we add some technical salt into it. We have bought more than 2 tons of salt. Of cause, artificial snow is denser and that means that it will melt more slowly than natural snow.  People of Ugra will be able to use trail of “Khvoyny Urman” all through the spring.

How do you test snow?

– We are not doing such things. It’s up to athletes to decide whether snow is good or not.

Making trails is a very complicated process. Where the future shapers (experts that make ski trails) are trained?

– There are no special schools for them; however, our personnel in “Khvoyny Urman” can use snow-machines and snow canons. Besides, we have hired 2 specialists from Krasnoyarsk for building halfpipe and trail for slopestyle.

Are there trails like those you have in the alpine-skiing complex “Khvoyny Urman” in other regions of Russia?  

– There is a halfpipe in Izhevsk. But this is a very expensive thing. The trails in Ugra have everything that is needed. On the Deaflympics competitions of alpine-skiers in slalom will be held. As for snowboarding, all Deaflympic disciplines will take place in “Khvoyny Urman”.


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