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Snowboarders will test the slopes of Deaflympics

From February’14 till February’28 snowboarding Deaflympic team of Russia will stay in Khanty-Mansiysk to test the slopes of Deaflympic games.

Members of Russian team were chosen upon the results of National, European and World Championships. There are 15 athletes in it: 8 men and 7 women. The oldest and the most titled team member that will compete on the slope of alpine-skiing complex “Khvoyny Urman” is 36 year old Roman Khamitsevich, the youngest athlete of the team is Anna Surmilina that will turn 17 this August. There’s not much time left before the start of Winter Deaflympics. Our snowboarding team has already been training in Austria, Krasnoyarsk and Saint-Petersburg region. These days athletes that will compete in parallel giant slalom, parallel slalom and snowboard cross are training in Saint-Petersburg, while those who will take part in halfpipe and freestyle are in Krasnoyarsk. The team will reunite again in Khanty-Mansiysk on February’14. For 2 weeks they will test the tracks of alpine-skiing complex and learn its peculiarities and then will have one more training session in Moscow and Moscow region.

Snowboarding is one of the most exciting sport disciplines. Its debut in Deaflympic program was in 1999 in Switzerland. It is quiet a new discipline for Russia; however, the debut of Russian national team on European Championships 2012 has brought us silver in team total. According to the chief coach Pavel Vladimirovich: “The main struggle for medals in hard disciplines will be among Russia, Finland and Austria. As for soft disciplines, the abovementioned teams will be joined by Switzerland, Japan and Norway”.



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