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CEC «Arena Ugra»

Cultural and entertainment complex “Arena Ugra” was took into use in 2008. This unique construction is an autonomous sports multipurpose center with a professional ice arena. It is designed for 5 500 spectators, total area of the building is 19 440 sq. m.


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Lopsided victory

Kazakhstan lost one more game of the deaf hockey tournament. This time the team was playing against USA. The latter shut out with the score 20:0.

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Canada defeats Kazakhstan in deaf hockey

In 2 games of the deaf hockey tournament the team of Kazakhstan missed 23 goals and didn’t score a single one. On the second day of the competitions Canada defeated Kazakhstan 14:0.

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Canada – USA – 4:2

The first day of the Deaflympics has finished with an ice-hockey game Canada vs. USA that took place in the cultural and entertainment complex “Arena Ugra”.