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Stones from the Olympics will be used in deaf curling

The ice arena for curling is almost ready in the Ice Palace of Khanty-Mansiysk. The deaf curling tournament will be the first competitions in this sport held in Ugra.

The sport results depend very much on the quality of ice-making. To make the granite stone glide in the right direction and with a right speed the structure of ice needs to be smooth and homogeneous. That’s why ice for deaf curling is done by ice-makers from Sochi that were involved in preparing curling arena for Olympics 2014. Experts have brought all the necessary equipment from the Olympic capital with them from ice scrapers to 64 curling stones.

керлинг ханты-мансийск2

«We prepared 4 curling sheets, marked rings and made 5 ice layers. Afewmorefinallayersoficewillbedonetoday. As soon as the surface is solid, we will make test hits and in case this is needed will polish the stones», – said the curling technical delegate Efim Zhidelev.

The Deaflympic curling tournament will start on March’29 and last till April’05 in Ice Palace. Final games will be held on April’05. 9 men’s and 8 women’s teams will participate in the tournament.


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