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Svetlana Tsedik: «First difficulties only increased my interest in curling»

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For this athlete a competition on ice is just a top of an iceberg. Before going out on ice the captain of the national curling team of Russia is scrutinizing the technique of a rival. Svetlana Tsedik is talking about herself before and after a game.

Svetlana, tell us, how the captain of the team is chosen?

The choice of the captain is done basing on the results of the previous season. This time the coaching staff with its leader Vladimir Felde has decided to give this role to me. On the Deaflympics in Khanty-Mansiysk women curling team of Russia will include athletes from Moscow and Kaliningrad region. We played together during the training session before the Games and managed to achieve good team-work.

When did you first try to play curling?

When I was studying in the Russian State University I got acquainted with Elena Shagieva. She told me about this sport and now we are playing together in the national team of Russia. First my results were not very impressive. I needed time to understand the technique and tactics of the game. However, first difficulties only increased my interest in curling.

What is the meaning of participating in the Deaflympics for you?

This means only one thing – my dreams are coming true. When I was a little kid, I was trying summer sports, however, for some reason; my interest in them did not last long. I was always watching Olympic Games on TV with great interest; I was admiring athletes and dreamed to become one of them.

How are you getting ready for the game? 

Before the game we try to talk only about good things. Women are more emotional than a men; that is why it is very important for us to be in good mood during the game. A right attitude is half of the future success. A day before the game we are meeting together and discussing our tactics for the future game.

Curling is a tactical game, it doesn’t need any outstanding strength or speed, so is the physical condition of athletes important in curling and why?

Every game lasts around 3 hours; sweepers are sweeping around 3 km of ice with their brooms! A person in a bad physical condition will not be able to do this.

Are you showing your emotions in curling?

During the game I try to hold my emotions at bay. No matter if they are positive or negative. But outside the ice arena we are ordinary people. Our biggest success was on the European Deaf Curling Championships in Switzerland, when we got gold for the first time in history.

Who will support you on the Deaflympics?

My husband will come with me. By the way, he is the captain of the curling team of Moscow. At home my daughters Emma and Annie will watch me on TV. Besides, my parents will also support me. I am very grateful for their help and support. I know that they will always assist me and be on my side.

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