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The 45th ICSD Congress, 5 issues in the agenda

The XLV Congress of the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf has started today in the International Chess Academy. Itwillbeattendedbyparticipantsfromaround 60 countries.

A speech of welcome was said to the delegates by the director of the department of the Ministry of Sport of Russia Maria Tomilova: «Valery Rukhledev is the first president of ICSD from Russia. This is a great honor for our country but a great responsibility as well. At the moment sport is one of the top priorities for the social politics of our country.

The Ministry of Sport of Russian Federation will continue to support deaf and hard of hearing athletes».

During 2 days of the Congress its delegates will discuss the issues included in the agenda: anti-doping regulations of ICSD, and their correspondence to WADA principles, the rules of ICSD on audiograms and hearing devices, the communication with International Olympic Committee and other international organization and the draft of the new ICSD Constitution.

Markku Yokkinen, the President of European Union of the Deaf: «The prestige of Deaflympics is growing; Russia makes a big contribution to the popularization of deaf sports. Not long ago the International Olympic Committee allowed us to rename World Games for the deaf into Deaflympics and made it the IOC–sanctioned event. I am very surprised by the work done by Russian organizers for informational coverage of the upcoming Games, I saw first banners in Moscow as soon as our plan landed in Vnukovo airport. And streets of Khanty-Mansiysk have many posters and banners of the XVIII Winter Deaflympics. The level of media coverage of the Games is also on a very high level».


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