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The 6th gold medal of Russian team


Today, on April’02 men’s team sprint competitions were held in the Alexander Filipenko Winter Sport Center of Khanty-Mansiysk. The best result, like in other races of the discipline, was shown by the team of Russia.

Before the race experts were saying that the main fight for the gold medal will be between teams of Russia and Ukraine – the strongest cross-country skiing teams of these Deaflympics.

On the first leg of the race Alexey Yermilov of Russia and Volodymyr Pyshniak of Ukraine managed to leave behind athletes from Japan, China, Turkey and Kazakhstan. And on the second leg the lead was stretched by Vladimir Mayorov of Russia and Andriy Andriyishyn of Ukraine.


The third leg was a decisive stage of the race. Yermilov managed to take the lead and Pyshniak finished 14 sec back the leader. On the fourth leg Mayorov reserved the lead and on the final meters it was stretched even more. On the fifth leg the situation did not change, Pyshnyak finished 34 sec back Yermilov and on the final sixth leg Mayorov was first at finish.

The final result of Russian duet 22 min 37,9 sec. Ukraine finished 20,8 seconds back. Bronze goes to cross-country skiers of China (Xiaokun Zhang and Jianchao Ren), 2 min 40 sec back.

It is worth noting that Vladimir Mayorov won 3rd gold medal of these Deaflympics, Yermilov got his 2nd gold medal of Deaflympics 2015.

Volodymyr Pyshniak and Andriy Andriyishyn won their 3rd silver medals of the competitions.

Xiaokun Zhang and Jianchao Ren got their 2nd bronze.


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