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The alpine skiing team of Russia met with pupils of foster home and young athletes

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The alpine skiing team had a meeting with foster children of Magnitogorsk and pupils of sport schools for children and youth.

In addition to deaf alpine skiing team and their coached Deaflympic athletes in judo have also participated in the meeting.

Among them were a merited master of sport, a champion of Russia and a world champion 2008, a champion of the XXII Summer Deaflympics 2013 in Bulgaria Natalia Drozdova and a merited master of sport, a many-time champion of Russia, a champion of Olympic Games 2004 in Athens in rowing Igor Kravtsov. Children wanted to know when alpine skiers started training in their disciplines, how their training look like, what do they eat and many other things. Besides, Natalia Drozdova taught them some judo tricks. The meeting last around an hour.
«When I started training for the Deaflympics, I was very nervous because the competitions will be held in my hometown. My mother, father, relatives, and friends are living in Magnitogorsk», – says Ilia Ivanov from Magnitogorsk.
Ruslan Shaikhutdinov is also from Magnitogorsk; his family will be supporting him on the Games: «I think a lot about my training. I want to win and I feel confident. I will be happy if people from South Urals will be supporting me on the competitions».
Currently our alpine skiing team is training 5 times a week. They are having setting-up exercises in the morning, then they have breakfast and rest for 1 hour, after this athletes are having their first training and after the dinner they are training once again. In the end of the meeting kids received souvenirs with Deaflympic logo.

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