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The Championships of Russia have ended with mass start

The mass start race has concluded the National Cross-country Skiing Championships for deaf and hard-of-hearing athletes.масстарт1

In men’s mass start all three medal-winners of the 15 km race were athletes from Ugra. Sergey Yermilov was leading the race for a long time; however his team-member Alexey Groshev managed to be faster at finish and showed the best time. But the real hero of the race was Stepan Kuznetsov. The athlete fell right in the beginning of the race and was injured. However, he didn’t give up and managed to get from 12th position to bronze of the Championships.

In women’s mass start the podium was again divided among the leaders of previous two races. The two-time winner of the Championships Raisa Golovina finished third. Anna Fedulova from Ugra was second. And the winner of the race was Lyubov Misharina that now has all three medals of the Championships – gold, silver and bronze.

It is to be reminded that less than a month is left before the start of the XVIII Winter Deaflympics. Deaflympic team members will have their final training sessions together with the teams of their regions.


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