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The Choir of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is speaking sign language before the Deaflympics


photo from www.ugranews.ru

Today the academic song and dance band of in-country forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation under the direction of the honored artist of Russia Victor Eliseev has invited people to Ugra to watch the Winter Deaflympics using sign language.

Before the concert dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation in Ugra the acting governor of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug Natalia Komarova has told Victor Eliseev about the forthcoming Deaflympics in Khanty-Mansiysk. Understanding the importance of this major sport event the band director has told the governor that he will try to invite sport fans to Ugra using sing language. Natalia Komarova has smiled. Victor Eliseev has fulfilled his promise.

Between the acts of the concert, the member of the regional parliament Eduard Isakov has showed the choir how to say a phrase “Welcome to Ugra” in sign language. So after the show one of the main and biggest song and dance companies of the country has simultaneously started to speak sign language.


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