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The coach of Russian cross-country skiing team comments the results of the race


Today the cross-country skiing team of Russia won gold medals in men’s relay. Its coach and athletes have shared their tactics, emotions and impressions about the competition.

The coach of Russian cross-country skiing team Sergey Kryanin: «Athletes did their best. Yesterday it was already clear for us that the race will be tight. We didn’t expect to have such strong competitors, but this made the fight for the medals more interesting.

Yesterday we discussed our tactics and were strictly following it today. The track here is very good. Sergey Yermilov was skiing on the first leg. His aim was to take the lead and leave behind the leaders. However, competitors were stronger and Sergey finished 3rd, 15 sec. back. But from the point of tactics he did everything right. On the second led Mayorov narrowed the gap and on the third leg Alexey Groshev had to control the race and make a final dash in the finish zone. He is a good sprinter and very strong at finish and he managed to prove this today».

Vladimir Mayorov: «Ukraine is a very strong competitor, that’s why we were doing our best. I have won yesterday but in the morning I was not already thinking about my victory, I was concentrated on a new race. Today was an important day; I like relays because all the team is participating in it. Itismoreemotional. It is better to compete in my home country. My father is here to support me and my daughter watches my races at home, she is 2 y.o.

The track and organization are very good. Accommodations here are better than in Salt Lake City, the media coverage of the competitions is also better. This is my second medal of the Games and I dedicate it to my country. Tomorrow I have a day-off, so I plan to have some rest».

Sergey Yermilov: «Spectators here are very friendly, I am very happy to get their support. I was getting ready for the Deaflympics 2011 in Slovakia, but they were cancelled. Yesterday I felt nervous to compete in my home country. I felt more responsible. But everything went well today, I am satisfied with today’s race». 

Alexey Groshev: «Today I was on the second and third position on my leg and only in the end of it I managed to take the lead. I am very proud of this victory and feel grateful to all spectators for their support! I don’t feel myself a hero, this is a team race and we did our best to win. The track is good, everything is organized well».

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