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The coach of Russian team: Two games against Canada will be a present for our fans


The head coach of deaf hockey team of Russia Andrey Vasilevskiy and the author of 4 goals in today’s hockey game Andrey Proudnikov shared their emotions after defeating Finland.
Andrey Vasilevskiy: We were striving for this success for a long time. Our team is not participating in international competitions very often. We were only playing on the World Championships in deaf hockey and on Winter Deaflympics. That’s why we try to do our best in every game of the tournament. Hope our next two games with Canada will be a present for our fans and our country! We will have a meeting with the team and choose the tactics and the strategy for these two games.

Andrey Proudnikov: I am very happy and I want to thank everybody for this game. Of cause, I feel tired. Maybe, it looked easy from outside but we lost a lot of strengths in the game we played yesterday so today we were trying really hard. A support of our fans helped me alot. And our teamwork was perfect. Before the game I had only one thought: «We need to win!»

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