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The coach of USA team: Khanty-Mansiysk has the best ice


The coach of the team of USA Jeff Sauer has shared his emotions and impressions after the first victorious game of his team on the Deaflympics and told what his team is going to do on their day-off.

– Could you comment on your victory? What emotions do you feel?

– This was a very good game for both teams. They are ready to fight for the gold. Team from Finland plays the same hockey like we play in North America and they are playing very tough.  They are strong competitors and we knew what to expect from them.

– What are your goals for these Deaflympics?

– In the begging of the 3rd period I told my guys that we could win. We will be fighting for the gold medals and our team is doing its best. We were scoring goals today though not very frequently. I am glad we scored more than our competitors. Now the team is having a day-off so we have time to get ready for the game against Russia. We plan to win gold!

– How do you like the city? Have you managed to see other sport venues?

– Frankly speaking, no. We’veseennothing. We had no opportunity to train together before coming here for the Deaflympics, so now we spend all our time training. The main line-up and their substitutes were getting ready for the game. Today we have a day-off so we will walk around the city. We want to find a good pizza restaurant, maybe you will advise us some? (laughs)

– Is it your first time in Russia?

– Oh, no! I was in 7 Russian cities. I can say one thing: people here are hospitable, food is delicious and an attitude towards us is very friendly.  Besides, our athletes say that this is the best ice they’ve ever been playing on.

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