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The first and only goal of Kazakhstan

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The team of Finland defeated Kazakhstan in the last game of the group stage of deaf hockey tournament with the score 11:1 thus becoming a semifinalist of the Deaflympics.

The game started with injuries. Roman Artyukhov from Kazakhstan got fracture of clavicle trying to throw a puck in the net of Finland. Finland scored two goals in powerplay.

The third goal in the net of Kazakhstan was scored by Janne Nyberg. Finland continued scoring and in the end of the second period the result was – 8:0 for Suomi.

In the second period Kazakhstan manages to score the first goal of Kazakhstan not only on the Deaflympics but in the entire history of the team.  The author of the goal was Maxin Palatkin; he was the only forward of the team of Kazakhstan that received points for the statistics of the tournament. However, Finland scored back again soon.

In the third period Finland continued to attack the net of Kazakhstan though not as actively as in the first two periods. The final score of the game is 11:1 for Finland.

The team of Suomi will play against USA in the bronze medal game. It will start on April’05 at 11:00 a.m.


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