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The first official training of deaf athletes was held in Magnitogorsk


The official training of athletes participating in the XVIII Winter Deaflympics in alpine skiing has taken place today. Skiers were training in downhill discipline.

This was the first time alpine skiers from 18 countries were able to test the trails of the alpine skiing complex “Khvoyny Urman”.

35 athletes – 9 women and 26 men – have participated in the training.

The training consisted of 2 attempts. Now the important competitions are ahead. According to the head referee of the competitions Yury Guriev, training is not a real competition; athletes are only testing the trail, jumps and curves. Besides, referees and organizers are analyzing the details of the track. There are two transitional finishes along the distance; it helps to monitor the results in details.

It is worth noting that referees took a decision to have an official training on March’31. Thus, the program of the Games was changed. Competitions in downhill will start tomorrow, on April’01at 8:30 a.m.

«After today’s training we realized that our decision was right, – said Yury Guriev. – The first attempt was ideal. And the second one was more difficult because the conditions of snow changed. The most important thing for us is the safety of athletes».

After two attempts of the official training Ruslan Shaikhutdinov from Magnitogorsk showed 4th result and assured that he will do his best to compete for the medals tomorrow.

It is to be added that today around 3000 spectators came to the alpine skiing center “Metallurg-Magnitogorsk” to see the official training. In addition to alpine skiing competitions sport fans were visiting the open-air park with Russian house and Bashkir house. This is not for nothing, the alpine skiing center “Metallurg-Magnitogorsk”  is placed on the border of Chelyabinsk republic and Bashkortostan. The visitors were able to see the traditional culture of these nations, try local food and take part in workshops. Besides, on two stages of the park visitors can see entertainment programs and concerts.


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