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The general rehearsal of the final game


When it became known that in the final game of the ice-hockey tournament Russia will play with Canada these two teams had to play one more game with each other in the group stage of the Deaflympics.  That’s why this game could be called the general rehearsal of the final.

The teams started the game very energetically. The first goal could be scored on the 8th minute of the 1st period by Orhan Kazimov but it was waived off by referees. The 1st period ended up without a single goal scored.

In the 2nd period the tension grew stronger. Several times both Canadian and Russian players were trying to score but failed. Finally Vadim Mazursky of Russia threw a puck into the net of Canada. In the second part of the period Ryan Khramchenko of Canada scored back. The period ended with the result 1:1.

In the 3rd period both teams had the powerplay moments but were not able to score. 8 minutes before the final whistle Cole Laing threw a puck in the net of Russia thus making the final score of the game 2:1.

Tomorrow the teams of Russia and Canada will play in the final game of the Deaflympic tournament. The game starts at 3:00 p.m. The live broadcasting of the game will be available on the official web-page of the Deaflympics – ugra2015.com.

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