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The last gold of the Deaflympics in snowboarding won by Ella Shevlyakova and Tomas Pazdera


On the last day of the competitions in the alpine skiing complex «Khvoyny Urman» snowboarders were participating in boardercross.

The same athletes that were the leaders of the qualifications won in the finals. They are Ella Shevlyakova from Russia and Tomas Pazdera from Czech Republic.

The competitions were very tough. There were falls and protests.

The top four athletes that were participating in the final were Ella Shevlyakova from Russia, Laurel Weisbert from USA, Petrine Olgeirsdottir from Norway and one more Russian athlete Svetlana Anisimova. On the start Ella Shevlyakova took the lead, Lauren Weisbert was going second, Svetlana Anisimova was on the third place. On one of the curves Svetlana Anisimova fell and was outrun by Petrine Olgeisdottir. After several meters Norwegian athlete fell too. Thus Svetlana Anisimova, who continued the competition after her fall, became the bronze winner.

As for the gold medal, it was won by Ella Shevlyakova from Russia. Silver was received by Lauren Weisbert from USA.

In men’s competition the finalists were the leader of qualifications Tomas Pazdera (Czech Republic), athletes from USA Jeffrey W. Pollock and a two-time Deaflympic gold medalist Blair Esson and Alexey Ignatenko from Russia. Jeffrey W. Pollock was left behind the leading trio very soon. Later on Alexey Ingatenko was also not able to compete with other two finalists. The winner of the final was not clear until the finish zone. There the athlete from Czeh Republic was just a split second faster than the athlete from USA.



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