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The last gold of the Deaflympics


The way to medals of the deaf hockey tournament was one of the longest on the Deaflympics. And Russia ended it with a victory over Canada in the final game with the score 6:3.

The general rehearsal of the game took place yesterday when Russia and Canada were playing their final game of the group stage. And today the teams were fighting for the gold medal of the Deaflympics. The first goal of the game today was scored by Ryan Chramchenko from Canada. Later Orhan Kazimov from Russia scored back and leveled the score. One more Russian player Andrei Proudnikov scored again in powerplay. The first period ended with the score 2:1 for Russia.

In then second period Stanislav Ilichyov made one more goal for Russian team, And the fourth goal of Russia was scored by Vadim Mazurskiy.

On the final 20 minutes of the game Ryan Chramchenko scored one more goal for Canada and narrowed the score gap. Five minutes before the final siren Matthew Sheffield from Canada mad one more goal thus making the score gap minimum. Russia changes the goaltender – Roman Lukianov is replaced by Sergey Kikin. Pavel Yevtushenko scored 5th goal of Russia and 9 seconds before the end of the game scored again in the empty net of Canada.

The final sound signal indicated the end of the game with the final score 6:3 for Russia. After 24 years period Russia is again the champion of Deaflympics!

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