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The leaders of the national team are on victory podium again

2 гонка фото

On March’04 the leaders of classic sprint race of the National Cross-country Skiing Championships for deaf and hard-of-hearing athletes were defined.

According to the rules of the competitions, in qualifications athletes are running 1200 m. race, top 2 of them are getting to the next round of the competitions.

In men’s race 2 representatives of Ugra Alexey Groshev and Sergey Yermilov have successfully passed the qualifications. In final race the leader was not defined till the finish zone. Gold medal was won by Vladimir Majorov from Komi republic. Second and third place belong to Alexey Groshev and Sergey Yermilov.

«We thought that the chances of Stepan Kuznetsov are very big, – says the chief coach of the team of Ugra Sergey Kryanin, – however, in one of the qualification races his ski pole was broken, so he showed 9th result and was not able to reach the finals».

In women’s race the constant leader of the finals was Raisa Golovina. The intermediary second place was belonged to Anna Fedulova from Ugra, however, right before the finish she was overrun by Lyubov Misharina. One more athlete from Ugra – Tatiana Gorbunova – finished 6th.



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