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The men’s curling team of Russia drew a lucky ticket!


This is sport. Yesterday the men’s curling team of Russia had no chances to play in play-off and today it is a semifinalist of the tournament.

Russia was planning to play against Ukraine in the 9th round of the competitions. Players of Russia didn’t realize there’s still a chance for them to compete for the medals. Just a few hours before the game, Canada was playing with Japan. The country of rising sun has won the game but the team violated the rules and regulations of competitions. Japanese players were using hearing aids. So referees decided that the game was technically lost by Japan.

Today Russia defeated Ukraine in the last round and Japan beat Switzerland. Thus Russia and Japan had an equal number of points and the semifinalist was defined in a tie-break.

This was a real thriller! Emotions ran high; sometimes the game looked like a Hollywood blockbuster. After 9 ends the score was 6:6. Both teams were trying not to make mistakes. In the last end the final throw was done by Japan. The arena fell silent. Japan made a mistake thus allowing Russia to draw a lucky ticket to the semifinals! What an unbelievable outcome!

«I was not nervous as well as our team. We were using a new tactics; as a result the game was a success. The result of the game depended on how accurate will be the throw of Japanese skip, but the luck was on our side!», – said the skip of Russia Alexander Pyatkov. He also confessed that he was very worried before the final throw of Japan but the stone was thrown everything became clear.

«We tried to remove all stones from play with our last stone. However, we failed to remove Russian stone that was standing in the middle, – said the player of Japan Junichi Araya. – We are very happy to stay here for these 8 days. We were enjoying every day of our stay. We were hoping to get to the play-off but did not manage to do this. Thetournamentisoverforus».

Now all semifinalists of men’s curling tournament are defined. Canada will play with Switzerland whereas China will meet Russia.

The press-center of the tournament asked the semifinalists about their plans for the next games.

«Was it a surprise for us to get to the semifinals? Well, maybe yes, maybe no. When we came here, we were really surprised how strong the teams are. We were doing our best, training here in the evenings, – said a curling player from Switzerland Andreas Janner. – Teams that will be competing in play-off are very strong. Of cause, it will be difficult to win them but everything will depend on our attitude».

The athlete has assured that his impressions about the group stage of the tournament are very positive. First of all, the quality of ice was very good and everything is well-organized.

The coach of China – the leaders of round robin – said that the technique of his team is very professional. This allowed it to get to the play-off without a single game lost.

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