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The names of the members of national ice-hockey team were announced

The national Deaflympic team of Russia includes ice-hockey players from Novosibirsk region (7) and Bashkortostan (8).

Tver region is represented by 5 athletes, 4 players are from Moscow and Yekaterinburg and Tyumen each have 1 team member. At the moment ice-hockey players are finishing their preliminary training course in Tula region, then they will go to Moscow to get their equipment and attend the official farewell ceremony.

For two team members it will be the fifth Deaflympics in their career! The merited masters of sport Oleg Danilenko and Stanislav Khakimov had their debut in 1995 on the Deaflympics in Finland. They have different Deaflympic medals in their collection: «bronze» was won in Finland (1995), «silver» – in Sweden in 2003 and in USA in 2007.

Together with Danilenko and Khakimov the ice-hockey team of Russia includes 5 players – Dmitriy Arsenjev, Andrey Prudnikov, Vyacheslav Kazantsev, Yury Izmaylov and Stanislav Iljichyov – with the highest sport title of the merited master of sport. For these athletes and for Roman Chernov – a world-class referee – the Games in Khanty-Mansiysk will be third in their careers.

The youngest Russian ice-hockey player in the team is a goal-keeper Iliya Shevtsov. The player from Novosibirsk has turned 19 this January.

6 Deaflympic ice-hockey teams will play in Khanty-Mansiysk. TheywillrepresentRussia, Canada, Finland, Kazakhstan, SwedenandUSA. During 5 days they will be playing games of the first round, the Semifinals will be held on April’03. Thentheteamswillhavesomedays-offandthefinalgameswilltakeplaceonthelastdayoftheDeaflympics.

Ice-hockey is extremely popular in Ugra capital these days. It is expected that this Deaflympic discipline will be watched by the biggest audience.

For information: Ice-hockey was included into the program of the Games in 1991 on the XII Winter Deaflympics in Canada. Our athletes were then representing USSR and had a very impressive success winning gold of the tournament. Later our national team was becoming a medal-winner of different international tournaments but was not able to get gold again.

On the last Deaflympics our team had very good chances to win, however, a tough and inconvenient schedule of the first round games didn’t allow them to take victory over the team of Finland in semifinals and get the Deaflympic gold medal. Despite of the loss in the semifinal our team took part in the bronze game against Sweden and won it without losing a point (9:0!). The teams of USA and Canada won gold and silver. Though not very successful as a team our athletes were the best in their personal performance. Andrey Proudnikov had the biggest number of goals scored, Dmitriy Arsenyev made biggest number of assists, Andrey Vasilevskiy was called the best goaltender having a result of 94,3% save percentage. In 2010 he became a captain of the national ice-hockey team.

On the World Championships before the Deaflympic season Russian ice-hockey team won gold winning Canada in the final game with a score 5:4. Finlandwonbronzeofthetournament.

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