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The peculiarities of deaf hockey in Kazakhstan


After 3 games played in the group stage of Deaflympic ice-hockey tournament Kazakhstan has 43 missed and 0 scored goals. This article of the media-center of the Deaflympics is about the newcomer of the competition.

The team of Kazakhstan was formed just two years ago. Still the players understood clearly that the Deaflympic tournament will be played among world’s strongest deaf hockey teams. Canada is a world champion 2013; USA is an active Deaflympic champion. The only fact that the team consisting only of 10 skaters and 2 goalkeepers was not afraid to compete with world leaders deserves respect.

«Yes, it is difficult to play in such a line-up. Can you imagine how many minutes each athlete is playing on ice? These Games were a good lesson for us. We are not in medals, but we got a very big experience», — said the coach of Kazakhstan Andrey Dubovik.

This is the first time Kazakhstan is participating in the Deaflympics. The coach has frankly confessed that his team was not ready for the tournament yet. One of the reasons is the lack of financial support. The sport authorities did not clearly understand why it is necessary to support deaf hockey. So we are keeping within means.


In addition to the lack of money the team of Kazakhstan is also missing experience. Deafhockeyteamwasformedjust 2 yearago. Of cause, the conditions for training were not ideal; however, the coach assured that the team did its best to come to Khanty-Mansiysk. Besides, the eyes of his players are glowing even after three lost games with such unbelievable scores.

It is worth noting that the team is not losing a single opportunity to gain some more experience playing with strongest deaf hockey squads. During all the games of the tournament where Kazakhstan is not participating the whole line-up is sitting on the spectators stands watching the games. During warming-up the team is watching furtively Finland and USA playing together.

Roman Artyukhov works in Kazakhstan as a coach in sport school for kids, he plays hockey since he is 9. «In Kazakhstan we have the national deaf hockey championship. I showed good results there thus receiving an opportunity to become the member of Deaflympic team. I like the organizing of these Games, we enjoyed everything here. The only disappointing thing in Khanty-Mansiysk is our result in the tournament. There were some moments when we could score but we didn’t use them, – shared his impressions Roman. –This is a very good experience for us. We will continue training and doing our best and maybe next time our team will be bigger and stronger».


Yesterday’s game against USA ended with the score 0:20 for USA and a friendly joint photo of 2 competing teams. Although the North American team was much stronger Andrey Dubovik has noted that USA did not try to play tough or aggressive: «The game was very good. Our guys are overwhelmed with emotions. This is the first time they are participating in such an important international event. This is a big achievement for every athlete. I hope these Games with charge us with new energy and we will play better on our next international tournament!».

The lopsided score and not very spectacular game did not prevent the team of Kazakhstan from getting the sympathies of the audience. «We are doing our best to support Kazakhstan; we wanted them to score at least one goal in Canada’s net. It’s a pity they didn’t manage to do this. Still we want to show them our support. They were really brave to go on ice and play with such strong teams in this line-up», – said Alexander from Moscow who was watching the game Kazakhstan vs. Canada.

Kazakhstan will play with Finland in its last game of the tournament. Maybe they will not win again but as it was said more than 10 years ago by Pierre de Coubertin “the important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win, but to take part”.

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