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The team of Russia – the team of Ugra

We continue the Deaflympic national informational project «The team of Ugra – the team of Russia» supported by the Department of physical culture and sport of Ugra. Previous time we have introduced our athletes participating n the Deaflympics. Today we will pay special attention to the skiers. Their family members will tell us about the athletes. They will answer 2 questions: how the family was struggling with the disability and when the kids have made their first steps in sport? You can also send us your questions to the deaf athletes by email (L_potehina@mail.ru). Together we will try to find the answer to the main question: how to overcome yourself, your fears and illness and to rise to the top of sport Olympus.

Федулова АннаAnna Fedulova
told by her mother Valentina Fedulova:

– My husband and I have two kids – Volodya and Anya, both of them are deaf. When the son was born (he is the oldest kid) and I was told that he doesn’t hear I was really shocked. Then we decided to have one more child. We didn’t think that a girl will have the same diagnosis. The deafness run in the family and we have no deaf relatives. But the fact was that both our kids were born deaf. We could give up as nothing could have been done, however, we decided to raise our kids in a way they would not feel their illness and consider themselves dependable on others. My husband worked hard, I was paying more attention to the children, We have learnt how to understand each other, talk, the kids learnt mouth-reading. I only feel pity that I didn’t learn the sign language.

Sport has helped me very much in raising my children. I was playing volleyball, ice skating, liked to ski. That’s why I also made my kids love sport.
First Volodya has started skiing with a deaf coach. Then Anya took a brother for a model and started skiing too. She was already a teenager. I saw her willingness to ski and I have persuaded a coach normal hearing to start training her. He was not saying yes for a long time but when he say her training with such a dedication, he was very glad with her. He started giving her additional tasks and my daughter was making them with excellence.

Then the training session have started. Anya was crying as she was afraid to leave home. She said that when everybody was laughing it seamed to her that people were laughing at her. I have supported her as good as I could, was visiting her often. Then she got used to this.

Now all our family is proud of her success. And Volodya regrets he has left the professional sport.

Ермилов СергейSergey Yermilov
told by his mother – Nadezhda Yermilova:

– Seryozha was six months old when he’s got ill. The wrong diagnosis was made; they have started giving him antibiotics as a result of which was a complication with hearing. But the doctors didn’t tell us about this. Only at home we have started noticing that he didn’t hear us, did not react to sounds. We went to a hospital. They told us that at that age it is not possible to say something for sure and we need to wait. When he was two, we decided to go to Moscow for a thorough medical examination and were told that it is too late to do something. The doctors have told us that if only we have consulted them half a year ago, it would be possible to restore the hearing.

We were given an advice to put a child into a special kindergarten for deaf children. But there was no such place where we lived, in Komi. We have received a voucher to Astrakhan when Seryozha was 3. Can you imagine how ho separate with a child of that age? But we have done it for the good of our son. He stayed there till he was 6. We were only taking him home for summer. He learnt there how to read and to talk. Then he has started going to school. It was also far away from our home – in Tula region. He was studying there till the 6th grade. Then we have known that such a school is near our home in Syktyvkar (at that time we were living in Pechora). He was transferred there and has finished it.

A passion for sport comes from our family. Sergey’s father was a skier. I also like to ski. His older brother Alexey is a skier too. That is why when Seryozha was in school and was coming home for winter vacations, he was skiing almost all the time. Now we are so proud of his success.

Горбунова ТTatiana Gorbunova

In her questionnaire form Tatiana has put a phone number of her grandmother, not her parents. When I have called Lyubov Vasilyevna, I have learnt that parents are also deaf. So is the younger brother. They have inborn deafness.

told by her grandmother Lyubov Zenina:

– My husband had a deaf sister. I suppose this has run in the family. When my younger daughter was born and he knew that the girl didn’t hear, he left the family and I had to raise two daughters alone without a husband. Svetlana, Tanya’s mother, has married Yuri. They have met in a school for deaf children. My granddaughter was born on St.Tatiana’s Day, that’s how he got her name. This is a good, strong name. We were not told first that she is also deaf. The doctors knew it from the day she was born, but were afraid to tell us. Later a nurse has told it to my friend and she has prepared me to this fact. Tanya’s younger brother, he is in primary school now, is also deaf. That’s a destiny.

Tanya was an active girl. She liked skiing with her parents in winter. We didn’t even suppose that ski will change her whole life in the future. We were very afraid to leave her for training sessions. But she is really keen of skiing, so we didn’t object. Sometimes I ask her: «Is it difficult?» She says: «Yes, sometimes». I say: «So give it up». And Tanya answers: «No». She is very determined. This is good.

Кузнецов СтепанStepan Kuznetsov

told by his motherNina Kuznetsova:

– Stepan was born a healthy boy. We went to a kindergarten. Then he got ill and a doctor, a good acquaintance of us, has started giving him antibiotics. Now we have more information about such medicine but at that time we used to trust doctors. After the treatment we have noticed that a boy hears us very bad. We have tried to do everything to change it but this was of no help. Our son became partly deaf.

He is in sport almost all his life. I am a skiing coach. When we were living in Murmansk region there was no problem with skiing as this sport is very popular there. Then we moved to Saint-Petersburg and here we have faced some difficulties. The deaf skiing is not popular there. There’s almost no place where to train. We were told about such a team in Ugra and asked to be included in it. Stepan has already started to show good results. My husband visits almost all his competitions to support his son. Now we are planning to visit the Deaflympics in Khanty-Mansiysk.

Грошев АлексейAlexey Groshev

told by his mother – Zinaida Grosheva:

– Alyosha doesn’t hear since he was born. We are living in a village, there’re no specialized hospitals in our region. That’s why Alyosha has spent all his childhood in a boarding school for deaf children. We were seeing him only during school vacations. It was very difficult for him but now he is a self-sufficient person.

When he started going in for sport, he became even more grown-up. He liked ski from his childhood. We are proud that he is showing very good results. All our countrymen respect him.

Written by: Elena Potekhina

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