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The team of Russia wins the unofficial medal count of the Deaflympics 2015 beforehand

Масс-старт (575)

Today, on April’04 the last medal events in cross-country skiing competitions of the Winter Deaflympics were held in Khanty-Mansiysk. 

In the Games the team of Russia won 9 gold, 6 silver and 8 bronze medals thus becoming the absolute leader of the unofficial medal count.On April’05 athletes of the Deaflympics will participate in 7 medal events: 2 of them will be held in snowboarding, alpine skiing and curling and one in ice-hockey.

After 7 days of competitions Czech Republic is on the 2nd position of the medal count (4-1-0) while USA and Japan are on the 3rd place (3-1-1). Still Czech Republic, USA and Japan will not compete for the gold medal in ice-hockey tournament, as well as in men’s and women’s curling finals.

So they won’t be able to beat the result of Russia in any case.


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