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“The viewers of the Deaflympics will watch everything worth seeing”


On March’29 the first medal event of the XVIII Winter Deaflympics in Khanty-Mansiyskwill be held in slopestyle. A video controller of TV and radio company “Ugra” responsible for broadcasting snowboarding competitions of the Deaflympics Eduard Kozhukhov has told us about the nuances of shooting competitions in slopestyle and other snowboarding disciplines. 

Eduard, how to you plan to give media coverage of slopestyle competitions?

– The trail will be covered by 8 cameras. Each of them covers a definite part of it so it has specials optics that makes possible to produce a clear picture of athletes performing figures and elements along the trail. Professional TV experts with a big experience in broadcasting sport events like biathlon will be working there.

Do you know the specifics of snowboarding?

– I like alpine skiing and my son goes snowboarding. So you know, I am quite familiar with this sport. Besides, of cause, we made test broadcasting and discussed the details of the shooting. We have analyzed the experience of our foreign colleagues. Freestyles disciplines of snowboarding look especially spectacular on slow motion replays. So will be using Slow Motion shooting mode, So the viewers will not miss any details; they will watch everything worth seeing.

Upon the end of slopestyle, from March’30 parallel giant slalom competitions will start. Do you plan to change the camera positions?

– Of cause. We will change the configuration of cameras, so they will cover the entire trail. We will also use 8 cameras.

How many people will be informed in TV broadcasting on “Khvoyny Urman”?

– Snowboarding disciplines are, probably, the most difficult ones for TV broadcasting. Our crew consists of 26 people. They are technical staff of TV Company and volunteers.

What are these difficulties?

– The main difficulty if in the relief of “Khvoyny Urman”. There are no summits near the trail to place cameras there and to shoot an overview of the alpine skiing complex. Our hill is not steep so all the points of shooting are placed on one level, we will compensate this disadvantage by montage and camera positions.


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