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The volunteer team is approved


The process of forming the team of volunteers that will be working on the Winter Deaflympics was finished in Khanty-Mansiysk. 450 people from 14 regions of Russia will be working as volunteers on sport venues of the Games. Amongthemare 45 professionalRussiansignlanguageinterpreters.

The organizing committee has received more than 600 applications. Personal and professional characteristics of the candidates were thoroughly tested. The main selection criteria were the knowledge of English language, the basics of Russian sign language and the working experience on international and national sport events.

According to the organizing committee, volunteers will be involved in working for press-service, arrivals and departures of delegations, medical support, accreditation, security and control, catering, accommodation, etc. Besides, theywillwarm-uptheaudienceandsupporttheathletes.

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