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The Youth Press-Centre will be working during the Deaflympics

The press-service of the XVIII Winter Deaflympics and the Young Journalists Union of Ugra have established a joint project – the youth press-centre – that will be a talent foundry for regional sport media.

молодые журналисты

The young journalists of Ugra have a chance to get a unique experience. They have an opportunity to see work of the press-centre of the big international sport event from the inside and to improve their professional skills. The young journalists will be involved in working procedures of the press-centre – from finding information for media and internet page of the Games to organizing press-conferences upon the end of the competitions.

The idea of making this informal organization belongs to the governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova. The youth press-centre is a part of the project of professional training that was born on January’12’2015 during the meeting of Natalia Komarova with activists of a new-born public organization “Young journalists of Ugra”. The idea was made by a student of Ugra State University Julia Niyazova; the governor of the region has supported it and instructed the press-service of the organizing committee of the Deaflympics to assist the participants of this project in their work.

«It is in my interests to have as big media coverage of the Deaflympics as possible. This is a great sport event. Any athlete, like any actor or journalist needs attention of spectators, their support and interest.» – concluded Natalia Komarova.

To take part in the project, please contact the public organization office calling +79292418771.

For information: «Young journalists of Ugra» is a regional public organization that was established in 2014. Now 70 representatives of different media of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug are members of this organization.


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