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To win in a split second. Russia defeats USA


This game was worth to be played in the final. It was the most expected game of the group stage and it satisfied all the expectations. The leader was not obvious until the very end of the game.

The first goal of the game was scored by the team of USA. But just in a couple of minutes Vyacheslav Sidorov of Russia scored back in powerplay. Playing in their tough manner the team of Jeff Sauer was shorthanded when they missed one more goal from Russia. It was scored by Dmitry Arsenyev. Just before the end of the first period USA leveled the score – 2:2.

In the 2nd period Russia changed goalkeepers. Ilia Shevtsov was substituted by Roman Lukyanov. One more goal in the net of USA team was made by Vadim Mazurkii. USA scored back soon and the second period ended with the score – 3:3. In both periods teams were not able to take the lead and were playing equally strong.

The 4th goal of Russia was scored by Dmitry Yadryshnikov in the 3rd period. The pressure of the game was growing which resulted in aggressive playing and penalties for both teams. Being in powerplay Christian Buczek scored for USA and just in a short while USA scored again its 5th goal. But playing in their home country with around 4,5 thousand spectators that came to “Arena-Ugra” to watch the game Russia had to right to give up.  It was attacking the USA net very intensively in the last two minutes of the third period. And just a split second before the final siren Pavel Evtushenko of Russia scored one more goal. The liner was so precise and strong that it took around 10 minutes for referees to award the goal.

Although this moment was detected by the video system “Videogoal”, it seems that it’s been ages before the goal was awarded.  Athletes were waiting with bated breaths, spectators were signing the national anthem and yelling «Russia!» And when referee showed that the goal was awarded the arena roared with joy. This meant that the game that was worth to be played in the final was won by Russia.

Team of host-country will play its next game on April’02. They will play against Finland who lost their last game against the favorites of the tournament – team of Canada.

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