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USA wins bronze of the Deaflympics


In a dramatic game USA defeated Finland with the score 6:5 and won the bronze of the Deaflympics.

The first goal of the game was scored by Jim Crane of USA. Soon Piter Gintoli threw the puck into the net of Finland once so the score after the 1st period of the game was 2:0 for USA.

The first part of the second period did not bring any changes and in the second part of it USA scored again thus increasing its lead.

In two minutes Robert Ruef of USA scores again for USA. The score 4:0 for USA was a good motivation for Suomi so in just a few seconds they sent the puck pass the goaltender for north American team. The author of the goal was Victor Lindfors. The score after the second period was 1:4 for USA.

In the beginning of the third period Finland narrows the score gap making one more goal. Both teams started to attack the net of the competitor and after several tries Derek Struwing from USA scored his second goal in the game. Soon Janne Yrjola from Finland scored his second goal in the game. Garret Gintoli made one more goal for USA. In the end of the final period Finland scored two goal making the score gap minimum.

USA defeated Finland in the game for bronze medal with the score 6:5.


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