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Vitaly Zezin: the curling tournament is organized on a high level


Organizing Deaflympics requires a highly professional preparation work from all participants of the event.

Responsibility of organizers can be compared with responsibility of athletes playing on ice.  The same could be said about referees. In some disciplines athletes are blaming referees for the lost games, but it is different in curling – the decisions of referees are not aspired.

«Curling tournament is going its own way and now its round stage is close to an end. We haven’t received a single complaint from the teams until now», – said the chief referee of competitions Vitaly Zezin.

«The curling tournament is organized on a high level. The teams of icemakers and referees are very professional. Icemakers came here from Sochi, they were working on the Olympics 2014, World and European Championships. Referees of the Games are also highly professional. Our team is almost not changing for the last couple of years», – said the chief referee.

Before becoming a referee Vitaly Zezin was also playing curling: «I started playing curling very late. I got an injury in alpine skiing so I was recommended to leave alpine skiing and to go in for curling. I was playing till 2009 and then became a referee».
While asking a question if curling will be as popular in Russia as in Canada Vitaly Zezin answered: «I am afraid it won’t be so in the nearest future. Russian curling is very young and in Canada it’s been played for almost two centuries».

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