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Vladimir Felde: In Khanty-Mansiysk ice for curling is better than in Sochi

тренер фильде

The chief coach of the National deaf curling team of Vladimir Felde has answered the questions of the media-centre of the Deaflympics. The experienced mentor of Russian team has noted that curling is a rather new discipline for our country.

– We have been training only for the last 5 years and our results are improving fast. I have prepared several curling teams during these years. Our results on international level are very good. Now we are conducting Cups and Championships of Russia and many athletes are participating in them. As a comparison deaf curling in Canada is developing during the last 55 years, in Scandinavia it’s 15 years, in Europe – 10-15 years and in Russia only 5 years. I think that we are competing on the same level with the others.

What are the plans of men’s and women’s curling teams for these Deaflympics?

-Onlytowingold. This is not discussed.

As a coach of the national team of Russia, what can you say about the curling arena in Khanty-Mansiysk? Is the city ready to hold the competitions in curling.

– I’d like to pay your attention to the fact that Khanty-Mansiysk did not have a curling arena before. Still ice for hockey cannot be used for curling. That’s why I was very surprised to know that ice sheet was made in 2 weeks period.  Its quality is very good; I know that it was done by experts with an Olympic experience in Sochi. Our athletes say that this ice is even better than the ice in Sochi.


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