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Volunteers bring warmth


Volunteers from 10 regions of Russian Federation are going to participate in the Deaflympics. “Respect” volunteer club and Ugra State University are training volunteers of Ugra. “Respect” club is formed on the basis of the Centre of adaptive sport of Ugra.

– Volunteers of our club are not just ordinary young people, they are constantly attending specialized training courses and are gaining experience working on the competitions for disabled people, – says the head of the club Elena Isakova.

Besides, manyofthemarelearningsignlanguage. Sign language training seminars were given on the basis of the Centre of adaptive sport of Ugra in September and December 2014. Next seminar is planned to take place in February.

The history of “Respect” club starts in April 2014 when specialists of the Centre of adaptive sport have started to have meetings with pupils and students of Khanty-Mansiysk. Firstthereweremanypeopleinterestedintheinitiative. But then, according to Elena Isakova, when several sport competitions were conducted, only the most devoted young people stayed in the club.  They have already made friends with athletes and are keeping in touch with them not only during competitions.

– Only such kind, considerate and enthusiastic people that are looking forward to next competitions stay in our club and become members of our team. Wedoourbesttomakeourvolunteersworkusinggratuitousandfreewillprinciple, – saystheheadoftheclubElenaIsakova.

– I want to act! – says a volunteer of “Respect” club Kristina Kostyleva. – If not for the club, I wouldn’t learn some things about life, wouldn’t meet a lot of good people who have the same interests in life, they wouldn’t share with me their wisdom. What is the principle of volunteering? If you want to feel yourself a human – help others.

Volunteers say that they are frequently asked one question: why did you want to become a volunteer, what is the secret of your positive attitude? «It’s just because we like it!»

– Many students have nothing to do when they are having their free time, they are just staying in their dormitories, but I prefer to have an active life! – smiled Sabina Kardanova. – When I got to know about “Respect”, I decided to try to become a volunteer. Many people are asking me: «Why do you want to work for free?» But I like to use my time actively. It’scooltobeavolunteer! I have learnt a lot of things during competitions. For example, recently I have studied sign language and made friends with new people with the help of sign language!

All volunteers say that they are glad to see happy eyes of people they are helping.

It is not only pupils and students that are the members of “Respect” club but experienced people as well. For example, Lyudmila Petrova from Kungur, a teacher of English language. Lyudmila is 66, she likes ice skating and yoga, she also takes part in national and international sport competitions as a volunteer. In 2014 Lyudmila was working as a volunteer on Olympic Games in Sochi. She also came to Khanty-Mansiysk to attend sign language courses.

63-year old Alexander Basarov from Belgorod region is one more experienced volunteer. Alexander was a volunteer on Universidad in Kazan, on Olympic and Paralympic games 2014. Alexander is a fan of sport; he has a collection of stamps dedicated to Olympic Games in Moscow 1980. Besides, he participated in the Olympic torch relay; he made a museum of Sochi-2014 in his own apartment.

It is worth adding that volunteers of “Respect” club are full with positive energy. They are not only of great help during competitions, but they are also inspiring athletes to believe in themselves, to find their place in life. Volunteers are breaking barriers between healthy people and people with disabilities, giving them unlimited opportunities. Even I, after a meeting with volunteers of “Respect”, found that my problems, that seemed very important before are now not so serious and a cloudy cold winter day  has become sunny. Maybe, I got a piece of their warmth.


Yulia Glushko

Newspaper «Novosti Yugry», № 2 (18883)

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