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Volunteers of “Respect” are among the best in Ugra

Volunteers of the club “Respect” of the Centre of adaptive sport of Ugra are among the best three volunteer clubs of Ugra.

The most active young Ugra citizens has gathered in Pyt-Yakh from 8 to 10 of October on the regional volunteer convention in order to attend various workshops such as “Innovational humanitarian technologies of goodwill and volunteering”, “Theater is a technology of the good”, “Game-techniques or how to promote the good while playing a game”.

During the convention volunteers has met the governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova. Youngsters had a friendly meeting with the governor during which they were able to ask the head of the region their questions and discussed the idea of creating the united informational resource for the volunteers of Ugra. Natalia Vladimirovna has thanked all the participants of the convention for their active life philosophy and generous willingness to help other people.

On the third day of the convention the participants has showed their practical abilities and demonstrated what they had learned during the workshops. The volunteers were divided into 6 teams that were working in 6 schools. The members of “Respect” club were united with the volunteers from Italy and Belgium, who came to Ugra as a part of international project. They have taught teenage pupils some sign language phrases, while volunteers from abroad have taught them gestures popular among young Italians. Then pupils have learned one couplet of Russian national anthem in sign language and Italians has sung their national anthem. At the end of the class both pupils and teachers have sung a popular Russian song in sign language. Kids didn’t want to part with the volunteers, took their autographs and made pictures with them.

In the evening, volunteers of the Centre of adaptive sport of Ugra have performed the presentation of the Deaflympics for all the convention members. More than 200 people were joining “Respect” in their presentation; the whole audience was trying to sing the national anthem of Russia in sign language. As a result a lot of people said they want to become volunteers on the Deaflympics and even to attend the sign language courses this December.

Finally, the voting took place among the participants. Members of all 25 participating clubs were voting for their rivals. As a result, volunteers from Surgut got the first place, volunteers of the Centre of adaptive sport of Ugra were the second, and the third place went to youngsters from Raduzhny.


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