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Why is Ugra interested in the Deaflympics? The Governor Natalia Komarova has answered the questions of foreign journalists

The governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova had a meeting with foreign journalists. The representatives of newspapers, TV channels and radio stations were mostly interested in the Deaflympics that will soon take place in Ugra. Especially they wanted to know if the Okrug is ready to host the important international sport competitions in such an economically complicated time. The meeting lasted for 1,5 hours.

Among journalists that came to meet the Ugra governor are the representatives of newspapers, radio reporters, TV workers, etc. Many of them have an experience of interviewing prime-ministers, governors and even presidents. But for the first time in their carriers they were meeting the head of the Okrug on a day-off.

Natalia Komarova had a serious reason to plan the meeting with media on Sunday: the working schedule of the head of the region is too busy. On Thursday she had to attend the meetings of two commissions and the government of the Okrug in Khanty-Mansiysk, on Friday she was already in Moscow on the council of the organizing committee of the Deaflympics. By the way, this was the topic that opened the meeting of the governor with the foreign media representatives. The journalists wanted to know how Ugra is getting ready for the competitions.

Natalia Komarova, the governor of Ugra: «From the technical point of view, we are ready to host the competitions. All the venues that will be used by the athletes, their coaches and supporters and other visitors are prepared. We have an experience in conducting big sport events of different level».

It must be said that media representatives were mostly interested if the region is ready for the Deaflympics economically. Especially in the situation when price of oil is getting down. The governor has explained that the coming competitions will bring Ugra a long-term profit. Athletes from 30 countries will come to Ugra; this will stimulate the development of the non-energy economic sector.

Natalia Komarova, the governor of Ugra: «They will know more about Ugra; see it from the other point of view. This is tourism, which is also an important economic sphere and we are paying a lot of attention to developing it. Sport tourism is also tourism».

The words of the governor are supported by the figures. Ugra is a region that was never considered as attractive for tourists. However, only this year more than half a million people has visited the Okrug. As for the sanctions, the economy of Ugra is ready for such a scenario. We have enough instruments for this – from import substitution to cutting costs while keeping our social obligations.

Natalia Komarova, the governor of Ugra: «We have bought a dress which is getting a bit loose because of the sanctions. This is ok, we just need to take it in and to make it fit, so the loose dress will not disturb us».

However, western journalists have asked a straightforward question that maybe it would be better to cancel conducting these expensive competitions in such a difficult economical situation. The answer of the governor was clear: Ugra is going to keep all its sport plans in full. One of the main reasons to do this is that the popularization of sport is one of the main fields of concern for the government of the Okrug.

Natalia Komarova, the governor of Ugra: «We try to use the entire infrastructure that was created for sport activities on the maximum and to popularize sport among our citizens, especially among children. In this aspect hosting competitions is the most impressive and absolutely infallible method to make a person think: “If, for example, Evgeniy could do this, why can’t I? ».
Today Ugra is one of the most sport-oriented regions in Russia. One fourths of all Ugra citizens go in for sport. This achievement can not be measured in rubles or dollars. It also can’t be measured how the coming Deaflympics will influence the lives of the Ugra people. Owing to the Deaflympics, thousands of them will be able to say in sign language a greeting “Welcome to Khanty-Mansiysk!”

Source: www.ugra-tv.ru

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