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Winners in super giant were defined in Magnitogorsk


The competitions in super giant have just finished in Magnitogorsk. The winner in the discipline is Giacomo Pierbon from Italy. Silver medal is won by Philipp Steiner from Switzerland while Nicolas Sarremejane from France is a bronze medalist.

Giacomo Pierbon (Italy) 1st place:  «The trail was very good today.  Super giant is a rather difficult discipline. I had to risk for winning. Tomorrow I plan to show as good result as today».

In women’s competitions gold was won by Tereza Kmochova from Czech Republic. Silver and bronze were received by Melissa Kock and Beatrice Brunnbauer from Austria. Beatrice Brunnbauer has shared her emotions at finish: «I am very happy now, I was a little bit nervous, but everything went ok. The trail is good and so interesting; organizers made a good job to prepare it».

As for Russian athletes, Ruslan Shaikhutdinov is 8th at finish, Denis Yanberdin is 14th, Alexander Yakovlev is 16th, Ilia Ivanov is 19th. Russian women showed the following results: Marina Zvereva is 8th and Alina Ryabchikova is 9th. Anna Loseva did not start.

It is to be noted that one more medal event will be held today: 29 men and 11 women from Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic, USA, Austria, Japan, Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland and Slovakia will compete in super combined.  Russia will be represented by Denis Yaberdin, Ilia Ivanov, Alexander Yakovlev, Ruslan Shaikhutdinov (men) and Angelina Khamitsevich, Alina Ryabchikova and Marina Zvereva (women).


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