Deaf sports in Russia

First sport competitions for deaf in Russia took place in 1914 and the organized system of sport events for deaf was formed in 1918 upon creation of two Deaf-Mute societies in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

Nowadays sports for deaf are supported by the Russian Deaf Sports Union (RSSG), which was founded in 1993. RSSG has 67 regional offices (45 of them are legal entities) and has organized training and competitions of deaf athletes in 27 sports. RSSG is accredited by Russian Sport Ministry in «Sport of Deaf» category since 2005.

The number of sport events organized by RSSG has reached 140 (among them Championships, Cups of Russia, training sessions, participations in official international competitions, summer and winter Spartakiads, sport festivals for junior athletes, etc.).

The development of professional sports for deaf is done via Sport Centers, organized by RSSG. Mass sport for deaf is supported by regional offices of the Russian Deaf Sports Union in different parts of Russia and regional offices of Russian Deaf Society.

For the first time Soviet athletes took part in Deaflympics in 1957, team of Russia had its debut in Deaflympics in 1993.

Russian athletes were always leading the unofficial medal count in winter Deaflympics and were in top-3 in summer Deaflympics. During the latest XXII summer Deaflympics in Bulgaria in 2013, Russia has won the biggest number of medals.

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