Magnitogorsk – culture and sport centre

Magnitogorsk is a city in Chelyabinsk region located in a unique place on the edge of two continents – Europe and Asia.  This conventional border has predetermined the development of the entire region by uniting the opposites into the whole.

On the one hand, Chelyabinsk region and the South Urals are among the biggest industrial regions in Russia. The most famous metallurgical plants of Russia are located there. On the other hand, picturesque landscapes, lakes, forests and healing springs are making Chelyabinsk region attractive for tourism and recreation of many Russians.

The biggest national parks with untouched ecosystems “Zyuratkul” and “Taganay” are a special proud of people of the region.
An ancient town Arkaim is located not far from the city. It was built as a united complicated complex accurately oriented on the astrological objects. Scientists think that it was the place where a horse was domesticated and the oldest iron-and-steel furnace found. Archeologists have a version that Arkaim was the place where the civilization of Aryans was born.

Kapova cave or Shulgan-Tash is one more unique archeological and natural monument of world significance located near the city. The cave is famous by the paintings of the late Paleolithic age. The paintings are around 17 thousand years old. In general, Kapova cage is a tree-storey system of the cave spans 3 kilometers and includes 9 halls, many grottos, the river and two lakes.

Natural park “Taganay” is a place with virgin precious ecosystems – mountain tundra and meadows, open woods and relict forests. Metaphorically speaking, natural park “Taganay” – is a unique and beautiful little country in mountains. A lot of rare minerals were found there; now they in a collection of the big geology museum with thousands of exhibit items.

Turgoyak Lake is 15 million years old, it is placed in a big hollow surrounded by mountains. On one of the islands of the lake – the island of Faith – a few years ago archeologists have found ancient stone constructions – megaliths, a stone mine of IV millennium B.C., a settlement of Neanderthal people and the relicts of the Old Believer cell of XIX century. Megaliths are the most mysterious founding. They are much older than the Egyptian pyramids. The scientists have a theory that this is one of the oldest observatories of the earth and a part of church complex.

Magnitogorsk is a city of scientists. There are three educational institutions here: the Magnitogorsk State Technical University, the Magnitogorsk State Conservatory and the Magnitogorsk Higher School of Business as well as regional branches of different institutes and academies.

This is a city of teachers, doctors, poets, artists, musicians and Olympic champions. The people of Magnitogorsk love theater, good books, serious music and sport.

The citizens of Magnitogorsk are proud of their hockey club “Metallurg” that was a champion of Russia four times. The club was established in the middle of XX century and now it’s one of the best hockey clubs of Europe and the Kontinental Hockey League. Last season was very lucky for Magnitogorsk. “Metallurg” won the Gagarin Cup in tournament of the Kontinental Hockey League ahead of schedule before the final game.

During the last several years the alpine skiing trails of South Urals has become very famous among the fans of active outdoor activities. Every year the lovers of extreme winter sports are visiting the alpine skiing resort “Metallurg-Magnitogorsk”. 5 trails are equipped with the speed elevator with eight-seat cabins. The new centre is developing fast and fits in with the infrastructure of Bannoye lake, including sanatorium, health resort and children’s camps.