Places of interest

The cedar forest in a rebellious snowstorm,
Which is a horn blower of the sacred hills.
There no other city in the snowy Russia
more beautiful than Khanty-Mansiysk.
(from a poem by Andrey Tarkhanov)

Khanty-Mansiysk is an administrative centre of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug (Ugra) and one of the most rapidly developing cities in Russia. It is situated on the right bank of river Irtysh, 20 km away from its confluence with Ob river. The city is placed on seven hills and is surrounded by a natural park “Samarovskiy Chugas”. The first mentioning of Khanty-Mansiysk in written sources was in 1583 in “The Short Chronicles of Kungur and Siberia” as a settlement of Knyaz (Prince) Samar. Khanty-Mansiysk has received its present name in 1940. In the same year it has become the capital of the Okrug.

Monuments «From history till present days»

The Archaeopark «Samarov Outlier»

Address: Obyezdnaya street, 29
Tel: +7
GPS coordinates:

1The “Samarov Outlier. Archaeopark” cultural and touring complex is located in the south-western suburb of Khanty-Mansiysk, at the foot of the Samarov glacier outlier. The complex consisting of sculptural reconstructions of large mammals that lived in West Siberia in the glacier epoch was erected on an artificial platform, the Samarov Hill reinforcement. The figures of the extinct animals such as mammoths, wild oxen, woolly rhinoceroses, wolves and cave bears are made in bronze. The visitors can also see the dwellings of a cave man, etc. All these animals were living on Ugra territory 70 to 10 thousands years ago and were the representatives of the Pleistocene.


Sculptural group «Khanty Family on a Rest-Break»

Address: Mira street, Airport area
GPS coordinates:

2The ethnographic sculptural group depicts a Khanty family which is having a rest break. Khanty and Mansy are the aboriginal peoples of Khanty-Mansiysk and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrugs of Russia. The first ancient settlements of these peoples were formed in the first millennium A.D. The main activities of Khanty and Mansy are hunting, fishing, harvesting wild berries and mushrooms.


Sculptural Group «To the Founders of Khanty-Mansiysk»

Address: Gagarina street, 277
GPS coordinates:

The monument is dedicated to the development of Siberian lands, their inhabitants and the founders of the immense Siberian spaces. Three sculptural images – a battle master Ivan Mansurov, a hetman Nikita Pan and Khanty knyaz (prince) Samar – are the symbols of Russian government and aboriginal peoples of the North. An arch rising above the figures symbolizes the gates of Siberia.



Sculptural Group «To Siberian Expeditions»

Address: Borisa Scherbiny street,
Riverside Station area
GPS coordinates:
N 60.967063482430426
E 69.05202468305541

The stele is located on one of the terraces of the riverside station. It glorifies the impact of explorers on investigating and depicting Siberia, its rivers and sea borders. Here such historical figures as Vitus Jonassen Bering, Daniel Gottlieb Messerschmidt, Gerard Friedrich Miller and Dmitry Ovtsyn.



Monument «The Bronze Symbol of Ugra»

Address: Dzerzhinskogo street
GPS coordinates:

«The Bronze Symbol of Ugra» was built up for the 75th anniversary of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug. A female figure in the centre of the monument symbolizes a maternal origin that unites the indigenous peoples of the Norths, oilfield workers and scientists, adults and children



Memorial stele «To the Discoverers of Ugra Land»

Address: Pervootkryvateley street, 1
GPS coordinates:
N 60.97239901934451
E 69.0572695427302

6The memorial stele «To the Discoverers of Ugra Land» has a form of a pyramid with three edges and is located in the highest point of a city. Every side of a pyramid symbolizes separate epoch: ancient Ugra, the period of conquering Siberia by the troop of Ermak, the time of development of Siberian oil and gas fields.

The Park of Victory

Address: the central square of the city
GPS coordinates:
N 61.003923315222075
E 69.02174585942555

7The park was made in a memory of soldiers of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug deceased during the World War II. In the centre of the park a bronze monument «The Mourning» with two granite steles with the names of WWII victims is placed. Near the entrance of the park there’s a gallery with the busts of World War II heroes on marble pedestals.

The Alley of Sport Fame of Ugra with the monument of The Sport Fame Fire

Address: the corner of
Pionerskaya and Karla Marxa street
GPS coordinates:
N 61.007851220384524
E 69.01296945753083

8The monument has a shape of a square and represents an arbor without a roof with a three level amphitheater coated with 12 sorts of granite tiles. On the second level in the centre of the monument there’s a metal construction “The cup of Olympic Fire” built in the memory of the first Biathlon World Championships conducted in Khanty-Mansiysk. The monument is completed with 26 frames with pictures of athletes, coaches, state and public figures that made substantial contribution to the promotion of professional and mass sports in Ugra.

The Decorative Sculptural Composition based on the myths of Khanty and Mansy “The mythological time”

Address: Dzerzhinskogo street
GPS coordinates:

The Decorative Sculptural Composition depicts 7 sculptures dedicated to the myths of Ugra aboriginals. Every figure resembles a tree growing out of the Earth. Its crown symbolizes a sacred tree with different gods and spirits in its leaves. The ornaments on its body are belonging to the images of the sculptural composition.

All the sculptures are placed in line in a specific order:

1. «Outer division of the world»;
2. «The creation of the Earth»;
3. «The Sky Goddess – Mother Kaltasch»;
4. «The Susne Khum world»;
5. «The spirit of Forest»;
6. «The spirit of Water»;
7. «The crow day».



Ugra Chess Academy

Address: Lopareva street, 6
Tel.: +7
GPS coordinates:

академияUgra Chess Academy is a unique three floor building designed in a shape of a chess queen. Cross functional 2845 square feet complex was hosting a number of international chess tournaments. The building included a transformable hall for 128 players. The project of Ugra Chess Academy has received the open public award – The Best Building.

The Concert and theater centre «Ugra-classic»

Address: Mira street, 22
Tel.: +7
GPS coordinates:

ктцThe concert and theater centre “Ugra-classic” is the main place of performance for touring bands and theatre companies in Urga. Its technical equipment allows bringing into life different cultural projects and events of national and international importance. The design of the building has received a silver medal on the international architect contest in Bulgaria. In 2005 the first in Russia concert piano made by a famous Italian piano manufacturer Paolo Fazzioli has played here for the first time.

Entertainment centre «Langal»

Address: Mira street, 15
Tel.: +7
GPS coordinates:

лангалThe cinema “Langal” is a modern entertainment centre with a cinema hall for 200 people, a big playing zone for kids, gaming machines and a café. A sculptural group depicting a pair of parents carrying a ladder and a child climbing it is placed near the entrance to the entertainment centre. This sculpture got the silver prize on the national sculptors contest.

The Cathedral of Resurrection of Christ

Address: Gagarina street, 9
GPS coordinates:
N 60.99773029214884
E 69.02467369477101

9The Orthodox complex of Resurrection is built on 2000th anniversary of the Nativity. It is designed in the traditional Russian architectural style of XIX century. The cathedral is surrounded by the park dedicated to Slavic literature and culture. Here visitors can see small sculptures representing Ten Commandments. Two pairs of figures: figures of the founders of Slavic literature Cyril and Mefodiy and of the first churchmen of Ugra, metropolitans of Tobolsk Philophey and Joann, are also placed here.

The Church of Intercession of the Holy Virgin

Address: Gagarina street, 277
GPS coordinates:

10An Orthodox church of Khanty-Mansiysk and Surgut eparchy. It is situated in Samarovo part of Khanty-Mansiysk. The main altar of the church is dedicated to the Holy Virgin, the south altar – to the icon of the Mother of God “The Sign” from Abalak monastery, the north altar – to the holy hierarch St. Nicolas the Wonderworker.

The Museums of Khanty-Mansiysk


The Museum of Nature and Man

Address: Mira street, 11
Tel.: +7
GPS coordinates:

11The State Museum of Nature and Man has a unique collection of exhibit items. Among them the objects of paleofauna, such as the skeleton of a trogontery elephant, a churchman’s robe, that presented by Knyaz (Prince) Menshikov to the church in Berezovo, the manuscripts of the latest in Siberia Kodsky monastery, anthropomorphic picture of the goddess of river Kazym – Vut-Imi (The silver woman), decorated with 11 silver plates, the earliest of which were made in ХI-ХII centuries.

The Oil and Gas Museum

Address: Chekova street, 9
Tel.: +7
GPS coordinates:

13The Oil and Gas Museum is the only state museum in Russia dedicated to oil industry. The museum collection included different objects belonging to the history of geology, its development as well as the development of oil and gas industry.

The Khanty-Mansiysk State Museum of Art

Address: Mira street, 2а
Tel.: +7
GPS coordinates:

14The picture gallery of the museum includes works of Russian artists of XVIII – the beginning of XX centuries, bought from foreign private collections or on international auctions specialized in antiques. All paintings have passed a thorough scientific expertise in The Russian Museum or The State Hermitage. The collection also includes icons made in XVII-XIX centuries. Shishkin, Ayvazovsky, Vasnetsov, Kramskoy, Serov, Levitan – this is an incomplete list of Russian artists, whose works are exhibited in the picture gallery.

The Ethnographic Open-Air Museum «Torum Maa»

Address: Sobyanina street, 1
Tel.: +7
GPS coordinates:

12The name of the Ethnographic Open-Air Museum «Torum Maa» is translated from Mansi language as “The sacred land”. The ethnographic museum represents an accurate reconstruction of everyday life of indigenous peoples. It includes more than 3000 exhibition items characterizing customs and habits of indigenous peoples.

The House museum of Vladimir Igoshev

Address: Lopareva street, 7
Tel.: +7
GPS coordinates:

15The House museum of Vladimir Igoshev displays a collection of works of an artist. Works dedicated to Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, its wealth and people were the first to be included in the collection. Several years ago since establishing the museum it included more than 100 paintings. Apart from the permanent exhibition of an artist, the museum also has a musical salon, suitable for art performances and concerts.

The Workshop and Gallery of Gennady Raishev

Address: Mira street, 1
Tel: +7
GPS coordinates:

16The Workshop and Gallery of Gennady Raishev is a unique place as this is both a workshop of a great contemporary artist and an exhibition area where his works are displayed. The gallery is also a centre of learning the creative works of an artist, whose paintings and drawings are published in many scientific articles and books.