Tereza Kmochova – a five-time champion of Deaflympics 2015!


Today, on April’05 the last medal event of the competitions of alpine skiers was held in “Khvoyny urman” in Khanty-Mansiysk. Tereza Kmochova from Czech Republic and Giacomo Pierbon from Italy became the winners in slalom.The best results in both attempts of women’s competitions were shown by Tereza Kmochova from Czech Republic (37,06 sec and 39,42 sec). Silver and bronze were won by Melissa Kock (38,71 sec and 40,58 sec) and her sister Kristina Kock (38,73 sec and 40,77 sec) from Austria.

It is worth noting that Tereza Kmochova has become the most awarded participant of these Deaflympics. She got 5 gold medals! She is an absolute champion of Deaflympics 2015 in alpine skiing!!!

In men’s competitions Giacomo Pierbon from Italy added one more gold medal of Deaflympics to two gold and two silver medals won in Magnitogorsk. Like Tereza Kmochova he has also showed the best results in both attempts (34,29 sec and 37,95 sec). Thomas Luxcey from France got silver medal (35,47 sec and 38,35 sec) while David Pelletier who is also from France won bronze (35,20 sec and 40,03 sec).


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