The Logo of the Deaflympics

logos123The choice of a mascot and a logo of the Deaflympics is always an event that is done long before the start of the Games and is widely discussed in press and blogs. A logo and a mascot are designed for advertising the place of the international sport competitions and represent the visual style of the country that hosts the Deaflympics.

The logo of the XVIII Winter Deaflympics is made in a shape of an abstract black grouse that symbolizes the wealth of khanti culture. Besides, it looks like a hand of a man – which is the main device for communication of deaf and hard-of-hearing athletes. The symbol is made in 4 colors: red and orange mean motion and energy and blue and violet mean firmness and endurance.

The ornament in the centre of a logo is based on an ethnical ornament of khanti “hare’s ears”, which is used in household items and clothes of khanti and mansi. In combination with other ornamental elements it indicates the form of activity of a person in a family. In this logo the ornament forms a sign that symbolizes motion.

Besides, the main symbol of a bird in a shape of a hand is a converging point between all the visual merchandise of the Deaflympics. Apart of all the characteristics, it also reflects the natural features of the capital of the Winter Deaflympics – a confluence of two great rivers – Ob and Irtysh – which is situated 17 km away from Khanty-Mansiysk city centre.